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Order Wreaths Ready For Export!

So finally our whole crop has been turned into dried lavender wreaths for Europe.  Remember it all started with this fresh lavender being wheeled in the shed!

This was hung up to dry and then work began:  First we covered the wire frames in lavender leaves, let them dry and then the dried flowers were layered on top (see previous wreath blog)

This is the team who made all these wreaths, unskilled rural ladies who very quickly picked up how to make them so, so beautifully - I feel very proud for them.  All these ladies live on our farm and on the neighbouring farms.  Most of their husbands or partners work on the sheep farms in our area.


Now the ribbon is attached and wasn't Martha appropriately dressed for the picture!  Pure chance!  She works very neatly and methodically so I put her in charge of the ribbon, tissue paper and boxing.







So all we need now is vacuum packing onto the pallet and then into the container.  Phew!  Till next time ...........

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