Making Lavender Wreaths

5th March 2013



This is my leading lady in my lavender business.  Cheerful, happy, gorgeous, just a pleasure to have around. 

Start with any base, see below for ideas:  here we have used bullrushes, reeds, twigs, straw, raffia and wire.  You can use anything out of your garden to give you the circle on which to start.  We have used the wire frame for our wreaths as we are making thousands of them so its simply easier. 

We then use fresh lavender leaves on the stem for the bulking up and then use dried lavender flowers over this.  


Prune your lavender for the bulking up of the frame - we tie this freshly-cut lavender to the wire frame.  It bends so well while wet. Tie the fresh lavender onto your frame with florist wire or fishing gut.  Let the lavender dry on the wire frame for a few days. 




The picture above shows the now dried lavender leaves and stems on the frame. 

Now its time to layer your dried lavender flowers over the lavender leaves and stems.  Trim the flower stems as you go.  Again, use florist wire to attach them and as you work around the frame don't cut the stems off too short.  Try and keep the flower stems as long as possible, otherwise they can fall out very easily.




 The trick is to cover the wire and the leaves totally by ensuring the flowers are laid right down on both sides. 


Let your wreaths dry out properly and settle for a while.  Now decide whether you would like to tie on a ribbon or not.  Dont use a stiff ribbon as shown above, organza or satin or any soft, flowing ribbon looks a lot better.  Polka dot soft ribbon below looks great.  Or you may prefer to leave them without a ribbon - somehow the simplicity of no ribbon appeals to me more?



The lovely thing about this task is that the lavender ladies love making these wreaths. 

These are some of the sunny faces behind our Karoo Lavender wreath making:


Pretty Martha, about to be married to our head lavender lad, above and then Martha and Debby giggling below:


Bobby, below, has worked for Karoo Lavender for 15 years - she knows the story!


Now just enjoy your wreaths, they make a wonderful gifts for friends.   I am taking one to a birthday party the weekend, I just attached a really pretty bow for that.  Don't hang them outside, they are inside wreaths.   Also such a lovely idea for a dinner party:  buy thick white candles for the centre and burn aromatic oils on your table.  What could be better than having good friends over for a delicious meal with thick French faded linen, a deep wine, delicate white crockery, antique silver candlesticks and some beautiful lavender wreaths as centre pieces .... enjoy, enjoy!




  • I think I should come work for you. I’ll sweep or something The views are “majestic”, and I can feel the tranquillity. I see you do some running, I prefer the MTB personally. Looks like the perfect setting for both. Love the wreaths
    Vaughan | 14th March 2013
  • Loved your lavender wreaths blog, informative interesting and great pics…well done, keep it up! xxx
    Celeste Bing | 14th March 2013
  • Wow! These wreaths are beautiful! I have a thing for wreaths which I find few people seem to get! It's lovely to see I'm not alone! Are the wreaths for sale anywhere in the Karoo?
    Bev Slater | 16th March 2013
  • Hallo, Lavender is one of my favourite smells, flowers, oil, I use my oil in all my creams I make, and I use it for everything..its very good to put on kids and grandkids know if they hurt themselves..lavender oil..I would also like to know if the wreaths are for sale? regards Leonie
    LEONIE | 20th May 2013

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