Hospitality & Wholesale Lavender

African Heritage Range - price per bottle

An African touch. Shampoo, Conditioner, Hand&Body Wash, Hand&Body Lotion, Bubbles, Sprays, Soaps & Crystals. Scroll down to order individual bottles. Code: 470

Signature Range - price per bottle

Shampoo, Conditioner, Shower Gel, Hand Cream, Body Lotion, Liquid Soap, Bubble Bath, Bath Crystals, Room & Linen Spray. Scroll down to order single units. Code: 350

Lavender Room & Linen Spray 200ml

Our BEST SELLER! Price per bottle, LHS bottle. Lavender, Rooibos and Lavender&Citrus available. Code: 100

Citrus and Lavender Room & Linen Spray 200ml

Fresh, crisp fragrance. Code: 100

Lavender Bubble Bath 200ml

Code: 440

Room, Linen & Pillow Spray, Cylindrical Glass 30ml

Unique, beautiful and elegant bottle. Please advise design choice. Lavender & Rooibos available. Price per unit. Code: 108

Lavender Wrapped Guest Soap 25g

Now has silver and white label, same design to match the 250ml Signature Range bottles Code: 500

Lavender Tissue Wrapped Soap 40g

Code: 510

Diffuser Oil with rattan sticks 200ml

Can seal the bottle when room unoccupied. Coloured a soft pink. Code: 310

Diffuser Oil with rattan sticks 30ml

30ml diffuser oil and sticks to perfectly scent your guest rooms and bathrooms. Coloured a soft pink. Code: 300

Pillow Sprays 10ml

For your guest to gently scent their white cotton pillowcases. Fosted glass or clear recyclable plastic vials. Please indicate choice. Code:

Turndowns - to treat your guests at turndown time

Cooling Foot Gel, Gentle Muscle Rub, Hand&Body Cream, Pillow Spray. 25ml glass bottles. Price per unit. Code: 365

Lavender Shower Gel 250ml

Code: 400

Lavender Hand Wash 250ml

Code: 410

Lavender Hand Cream 250ml

Code: 420

Lavender Body Lotion 250ml

Code: 430

Lavender Shampoo 250ml

Code: 450

Lavender Conditioner 250ml

Code: 460

African Heritage - Crystals & Bubble Bath 250ml

Glass bottles 3 and 4 from LHS. Price is for the crystals. Bubbles slightly higher. Code: 475

African Heritage - Glass Room, Linen & Pillow Spray 30ml

Glass, unique and elegant bottle. Stands about 11cm high. 2nd bottle from RHS. Code: 108

African Heritage - Room, Linen & Pillow Spray 200ml

3rd bottle from RHS. Plastic recyclable bottle. Code: 100

African Heritage - Lotion and Wash 250ml

Hand & Body Lotion, Hand & Body Wash. Two bottles on RHS. Code: 425

African Heritage - Shampoo & Conditioner 250ml

LHS bottles. Please indicate choice. Price shown per bottle. Code: 258

Guest Soap Heritage

Heritage Range guest soap in lavender or rooibos Code: 500

Lavender Bath Crystals 260g

Code: 470

Lavender or Rooibos 30ml - per unit

Shower gel, hand cream, hand wash, body lotion, bubble bath, bath crystals, shampoo & conditioner. Sold as single units. No pouch supplied. Code: 700

Lavender or Rooibos 50ml - per unit

Shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, body lotion, bubble bath. Sold as single units. No pouch supplied. Code: 800

Lavender and Rooibos - screw cap 30ml

Lavender and Rooibos. Shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, hand wash, body lotion, hand cream, crystals, bubble bath Code: 750

Four linen sprays

A handful of soft, different fragrances. Code: 1300

Bubbles Crystals & Soap

Code: 697

Lavender White Soap 250g

Code: 580

Lavender White Soap 160g

Code: 570

Lavender Bath Hour

150ml tub containing either fizz balls, scented crystals or rose petals. Refills available. Code: 330

Lavender Bath and Shower Gel 50ml

Code: 800

Lavender Body Lotion 50ml

Code: 830

Lavender Bubble Bath 50ml (one bottle)

Code: 840

Lavender Hand Cream 50ml

Code: 820

Lavender Shampoo 50ml

Code: 850

Lavender Conditioner 50ml

Code: 860

Bubbles & Crystals - Glass Bottles

Code: 1200

Sunshine Range - 3 products

Room Freshener, Hair & Body Wash, Hand & Body Lotion. Plastic recyclable bottles. Glass bottles on request. Code: 114

Sunshine Room Freshener 200ml

In glass or plastic recyclable bottle. Glass on request. Code: 114

Sunshine Hair & Body Wash 200ml

In plastic recyclable bottle. Glass available on request. Code: 115

Sunshine Hand & Body Lotion 200ml

Price is per unit. In a recyclable plastic bottle. Glass available on request. Code: 116

Picture of our Sunbird Range - 3 products

Room Spray, Hand Wash and Hand Cream. R43.50 per unit. Plastic recyclable bottles. Glass bottles on request. Code: 600

Sunbird Room Spray 200ml

Lavender & Citrus fragrance. Recyclable plastic bottle. Glass on request. Code: 600

Sunbird Hand Wash 200ml

In plastic recyclable bottle. Glass bottle on request. Code: 610

Sunbird Hand Cream 200ml

RHS bottle. In plastic recyclable bottle. Glass available on request. Code: 620

Lavender Bath & Shower Gel 200ml (1 bottle)

Conveniently stands on the bath or in the shower Code: 999

Hand Wash and Hand Cream, 250ml each, blue and white label

Bottles now same as Signature Range bottles, not tall bottles Code: 1250

Hand Cream 200ml Blue & White Label

Code: 680

Body Lotion 200ml Blue & White Label

Bottle same as 250ml bottle now. Code: 690

Lavender Hand Wash 200ml

Bottle same as 250ml now. Hand Wash shown on LHS. Code: 670

Refill 500ml & Spray 200ml

Code: 698

Lavender SOUL Range

Lavender and Rooibos available in SOUL range.Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Lotion, Hand Cream, Shower Gel, Hand Wash, Bubble Bath, Guest Soaps available. Price per unit. Code: 999

Lavender Bath Hour Crystals & Bubble Bath

Recyclable bottles, price per bottle. Code: 799

Shower Caps, Sewing Kits and Vanity Kits - shown under "Refills"

All available in plastic wrapper or soft white pouch as shown here. Please see order form for prices. Code: 965

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