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With prestigious customers over South Africa Karoo Lavender has a reputation for supplying a concise and elegant range of room amenities.


This owner-driven company operates out of the Great Karoo in South Africa, providing those special touches to a range of businesses, from boutique one-bedroomed guest houses to larger game farms, hotels and wine estates.

These distinctive lifestyle products are sourced from trusted, hand-picked suppliers which a professional cosmetics specialist vets. 

The bottles and packaging are recyclable, the products themselves are biodegradable and nothing in the range is tested on animals.

To be in the Great Karoo is to glimpse infinity. For this is a place of magnitude, a vast plain that breeds silence, stillness . . . and space. With commitment and attention, women and men of this valley work together to package these distinctive guesthouse amenities. 

In the spirit of the Karoo, buying from Karoo Lavender means buying a breath of fresh Karoo air.

Image by Serghei Savchiuc
Image by Rob Coates
Image by Dóri Halászlaki

Having outsourced the production of the products, the delivery time of orders depends on area and product volume.    Each product is different in terms of delivery time, but having worked with many of their customers for multiple years they know how to mitigate this with early orders and keeping on the ball.

Karoo Lavender continually updates and relooks at the range to keep in line with customers’ tastes and preferences, and things are always moving in the background.

We are a proud supplier to hotels, bed and breakfasts, guesthouses, lodges and glamping sites - and yes, our products are available to the general public via this site.

We offer biodegradable ranges in lavender and rooibos including shampoos, conditioners, hand creams, body lotions, hand washes, room sprays, shower gels, bubble baths and bath crystals as well as a selection of guest soaps.  Room amenities are available in 10ml, 30ml, 50ml, 200ml, 250ml and 2-litre and 5-litre refills.  Products and packaging are paraben-free, biodegradable and/or recyclable. 


You are welcome to buy unlabelled products to label as your own.  We offer a package of personalising and printing a range for you but you are welcome to do this yourself and we supply unmarked bottles.   

While we do not make all of our products on-site we do market, prepare, bottle, package and dispatch all of our products from our home base.  We have carefully hand-picked producers to provide us with high-quality, beautiful products.

Image by Carles Turon


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