Planting commercially is fairly different to our Spring garden planting.........
15th September 2015
On Monday a lovely article on Karoo Lavender was published in the E Cape newspaper ..... take a look:
8th September 2014
After flowering you need to take out your clippers or shears and tackle your pruning ........
1st August 2013
Once a year I travel up country to exhibit at an amazing show .......
20th May 2013
Our lavender wreath order is ready to leave ... its been hard work for our team but they have made them so so beautifully, I feel very proud ........
12th April 2013
Making your own lavender plants is beautifully therapeutic and oh so easy....come join me in a shady spot of my garden .......
17th March 2013
Gosh these are so so beautiful ! I am very uncreative, can hardly draw a stick man actually so I was not sure I would be able to pull this off. But I think we have - my lavender ladies are making these wreaths so unbelievably beautifully .... come and see how we are turning our whole December lavender crop into wreaths ...
5th March 2013
Our lovely Grahamstown flat for sale
17th March 2000

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